Our Long Term Course Structure

What makes better than other technology education institutes is our curriculum, industry & real world focus and organized, step-by-step nature of our courses.

Sharing our overall program structure as many parents asked about it. The courses we are running now are our entry level courses. We plan to roll out the next level of courses next year, if not later part of the year.

Level 1 Beginners Level. These are the two courses in this level. By the end of these two courses, students get a holistic idea about Robotics. It help them to figure out their interests/subdomains as they specialize in future.  

With the RCF course, they understand internal parts of robots and integrating them using programming. With the RPF, they get a solid understanding on programming techniques for a robot and configure and customize them for various uses/industries.

All classes use projects-based approach. We start with very simple projects initially, in order to make students comfortable. Students build and program robots in almost every class. We use some of the best curriculum from around the world and customize it for use in Canada. Students are grouped into separate groups within the same batch and work on projects of differing complexity. But all of them uses block based or GUI based programming (as opposed to any syntax-based programming). They continue their studies at home using the online resources we show them in the class.  

Audience: Ages 8 to 14.  
Level 2  The second level is where most of the robotics and related emerging technology education happens. Student get to explore robotics and related topics with a multitude of courses. They learn real syntax-based programming languages using the conceptual foundation they gained from Level 1. Some courses will be mandatory and some optional. We work with students to set a path for them to continue their self-studies in specific areas.  
At the end of these courses, creative and genuinely interested students are expected to be ready to tackle real world issues using these technologies.  

We plan to start these courses in 2021. The first two level 1 courses are mandatory to join this level.  

Audience: Ages 9 to 18.
Level 3  At the third level, students try to tackle real world issues they care about. Team work and Leadership will be a big part of it. We just support and mentor the students.
Level 4  We will share the information about this level in due course. It is too early to publish it.