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Next Online Class Starts on May 19th

Next Class Starts May 19th 4 pm for Programming Scratch and Python. 5 pm for Robotics:


This is an introductory (Level 1) course on Robot platforms, hardware & firmware. Students write, compile and run programs on a robot using the MINDSTORMS EV3 platform and run it in an equivalent virtual Robot. The tested and fine-tuned code is then run in a real EV3 robot and shown to students via Camera.

The course offers a structured sequence of programming activities in real-world project-based contexts. This curriculum includes videos, animations, virtual robots, Cameras and step-by-step lessons designed to help beginners learn behavior-based programming using the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 hardware and EV3-G icon-based programming software.


CPSP is an introductory (Level 1) course on Computer Programming. Include both theory and learning via projects. First half of the course focus on programming foundations and visual programming using Scratch. Scratch is a drag and drop programming language ideal for kids and widely popular. The latter half the course moves on to standard programming language of Python. This is a very powerful programming language (For example, most of the Instagram is written with python).

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