2021-2022 CLASSES

The goal of our Level 1 to Level 4 multi-year program is to make students come out of high school capable of creating their own industry-standard tech-based products and services. Students in our program can move forward in the program if they work really hard at it – and we just ensure that they have the everything they need from the latest in technological education and mentorship to improve their skills.

At Cloverdale Robotics, we focus on three broad disciplines: Robotics, Coding & AI. All three of these disciplines have Level 1 and Level 2 programs going on now. Our program is innovative and far ahead of anything available in the industry now, and we make it as affordable as we can for parents interested in our programs. We always offer monthly payment options – no contracts or upfront payments ever.  We are also introducing the Robotics Club where students can get more hands on practice time with robots in-person. This is done in our Cloverdale location on Sunday afternoons.

We also have Summer camps, so that students can get a feel of the courses in the coming year in a fun way.

YES – We Are Giving Canadian Kids a Chance to Succeed  – In the Ultra Competitive Tech World of Tomorrow! Please see our ABOUT page andFAQ page to know more about us and how we are different from other regular coding and robotics programs/clubs.

Announcement of Class Rescheduling:

We are moving our 2021-2022 Class Dates.

Center & Online Courses will start in the First Week of October 2021.

Public School Classes will begin Jan 2022

Yearly Robotics Classes for Age 6 to 8 (Level 0) : In Surrey Schools, In Person & Online

Yearly Classes for Age 9 to 13 : In Surrey Schools, In Person & Online


In-School Programs Around Surrey Starting January 2022.

Questions? EMAIL:  info@cloverdalerobotics.ca or Call 604 404 4124