Cloverdale Robotics Learning Inc. (CRL) is part of the Cloverdale Robotics Umbrella and is a niche provider of Robotics Education to School age Students. CRL specialize in Robotics, Computer Programming & Artificial Intelligence Education with a well planned, multi year, Level 0 to Level 3 program. We bring world class Robots, Processes and Curriculum to Canada and customize it to align with Regional Government’s curriculum mandates. Our curriculum is product agnostic. I.e. Wherever possible we use open source parts. Like real motors, resistors and other electronic and electrical chips and devices. This gives students a start on real world electronics and components – not branded plastic components which cannot be used in real projects. CRL has been serving the Cloverdale/Surrey community since 2019.

A Summary of our Courses and Level 0 to Level 3 Approach:

1. Level 0 (Age 6-8):
Passive Learning: Create positive experiences with Tech. Trigger and Maintaining Curiosity. This is an optional Level as it is not intended as an academic level.
2. Level 1 Beginners Level (Age 9-13):
Learning the fundamentals. Students learn the fundamentals. Each Robotics, AI and Coding has separate Level 1. Robotics Level 1 has two courses, one focusing on programming pre-existing Robots and the other focusing on Building Robots from scratch. Coding and AI streams has one course each. All Level 0 courses are 40 hours each. All Level 1 courses are 80 hours each with around 40 hours of classroom and 40 hours of optional homework.
3. Level 2 Advanced Level (Age 9-17):
Two-year program with a ‘Learning by Doing’ philosophy. Level 2 is a series of projects, with each project covering a specific aspect of the stream. Each project is of 2-3 months duration. Second year has specialized projects and choosable. Each Robotics, AI and Coding has separate Level 2.
4. Level 3 (Age 14+):
Best Performers from Level 2 could be invited to participate in one-year advanced project combining all three streams – ie; Robotics, Coding and AI.
All instructors are either experienced in the industry or students computer science/mechatronics in leading institutions in BC. All instructors are specially training in CRL curriculum & methodology.
We work with Non Profits to make our courses affordable and available all deserving students.

We also do short term courses, summer/spring break camps etc. The objective is to quickly familiarize students with Robotics, Coding & AI in a fun and engaging way. However these are not part of our Level 1 to Level 3 approach.