Cloverdale Robotics has three major focus areas all in the field of Robotics.

  1. Robotic Products & Platforms
  2. Software Products
  3. Robotics Education

This website is mostly dedicated to our Educational operations.  The goal of our educational operation is to give Canadian Kids a Chance to Succeed in the upcoming Tech dominated World! This is how we are doing it specifically!

  1. Helping Canadian Kids Catch Up in Tech:
    Canadian kids are 3-4 years behind in STEM education when compared to leading countries in this space (such as China, India, and Korea), Specifically in fields like use of Robotics, AI and coding. Our mission is to give Canadian students an advanced curriculum in robotics and programming so that they can compete and thrive with rest of the world! Our curriculum derives inspiration from Asian countries and leading universities across the world, catered and delivered in an age-appropriate environment dedicated to Canadian students.
  2. Product Agnostic Curriculum: Almost all robotics curriculum taught in Canada is created by robotics manufacturers and vendors and are created to promote their specific products. Ie; This biased curriculum (By Lego, Sphero etc..) and projects need to use their products which doesn’t prepare children for a flexible & fast-paced technological future. Our curriculum is product agnostic. I.e. Wherever possible we use open source parts. Like real motors, resistors and other electronic and electrical devices. This gives kids a start on real world electronic components – not branded components which cannot be used in real projects.
  3. Fully Planned Multi Year Curriculum from Primary school to High School: Today, students take random coding classes and robotics classes here and there without knowing the overall direction or purpose of the course. Parents waste money and kids do not get a structured education. Our curriculum start with Level 0/1 and goes all the way to Level 4. Our program is a multi-year curriculum that takes a student from a primary or middle school level and maps out these technologies all way till their 12th grade. Students can take Level 0 to Level 4 courses at their own pace to become an expert in the field. There are no contracts or upfront payments – but you still have the peace of mind of being part of a large program. Our regular classes are part of this larger curriculum. Summer camps and other short terms courses are either fun-based ‘interest generation’ courses for kids or refresher courses. We align with BC curriculum in Coding and Robotics as much as possible. The BC Ministry of education does not have an AI curriculum yet!
  4. Affordability: Affordability: Many deserving students do not get quality STEM education, especially in the area like Robotics, AI & Coding. These areas tend to be naturally expensive (excluding simple coding courses disguised as Robotics courses) due to costly hardware, specialized software, lack of teachers etc. We are keeping the costs as low as possible by increasing efficiency and keeping lower profit margins.  We have standardized rates and they are less half of any competing offerings. The rates stay same regardless of nature of classes or how advanced the classes are! This give parents peace of mind about the budget. We hope to make high tech education available to all budding engineers.