Cloverdale Robotics has three major focus areas all in the field of Robotics umbrella.

  1. Robotic Products & Platforms
  2. Software Products
  3. Robotics Education

This website is mostly dedicated to our Educational operations.

Robotic Products & Platforms : We do research and development to develop innovative products in the robotics. We also develop strategic partnerships with niche players and bring their products and services to Canada. These are in research and development stage at this time and expect to be out in the market in a few years.

Software Products: We intend to develop software products for very specific purpose. But we are NOT into software development contracts for other businesses.

Our Educational Operations:

Cloverdale Robotics is an initiative to bring world class robotics curriculum to Canada. Our curriculum focuses on solving real world problems (as opposed to preparing students for current industry robotics competitions etc.) with robotics technology and solve them economically, giving students solid foundation towards the best university programs and robotics industry in general.

We want to equip our future generation to be capable of engaging the upcoming world of high technology and be the leaders in that space – if that is what they want to do. We want them to be able to use the power of robotics, AI and other emerging technologies to solve the problems the world face. We want them to make a positive difference using these new technologies. We want them to be the future industry leaders – not just job seekers with education.

We see there are a lot of initiatives in this space, both private and public. But feel this field is dominated by few global players and proprietary technology they use. Students spend a disproportionate amount of their time learning these technologies due to pressure of competitions etc.

We are hunting around the world to find the best curriculum in these emerging technologies, bring faculty with industry experience as much as possible and get them to teach our kids. We also work with best educators to make sure the curriculum is suitable for our students and their age.

Most importantly, we are trying our best to make this education affordable and make it available to every student who has the passion for technology and trying to make a positive difference in this world.

Our courses have a very holistic, multiyear nature and divided into four levels as students advances in studies. See our recent post about the long-term course structure.

Our Long Term Course Structure