Artificial intelligence and Machine learning (AI): ONLINE

Did you know that by 2021, 80% of emerging technologies will have AI foundations?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to become a huge part of our future. And kids need to be prepared for it.

To make them AI-ready for the future, we’ve designed an online AI course for kids of the 21s-century to teach them the core concepts of artificial intelligence in an interactive and playful manner.

Course start with students doing fun projects like detecting celebrities via facial recognition, detecting objects in picture, identifying handwritten text, understanding mood of a person etc. Afterwards, we introduce them to leading platforms such as “tensor flow”, “Google AI” and Microsoft Azure to understand and how some these fun projects happen. Later on, students start their own personal projects. They code and manage these projects with support from mentor instructors. Students take away not only the knowledge gained but also ways to keep themselves updated on this fast paced areas of technology and continue their journey.

• Pre-requisite: Should have completed at least two of our Level 1 courses or have reasonable programming background otherwise (we do an assessment).