Cloverdale Robotics is conducting a series of essay competitions for school age students in BC. Topic of these essays will be upcoming policies required related to robotics and automation. 

With this essay series, we hope to prepare students to better respond to the upcoming technologies and it’s social impacts.


Robotics and related technologies are making great advancements in creating bionic limbs, exoskeletons and other body parts that can seamlessly integrate with the human body. The possibilities of this advancement are endless. Humanity can end disability as we know it.

Some Rules:

  • First Price : $200. Second Price $100.
  • Participant should be between the ages of 6-17 (both included) on the day of submission.  
  • Participant shall be a legal resident of BC. OR a current/previous Cloverdale Robotics student.
  • 1000 words maximum.
  • Entry Fees: $5 per submission. Free for current or previous Cloverdale Robotics Students.

We are attaching some videos to give you some context and information on advancements in this area:

1. Hugh Herr in TED Talks: New bionics let us run, climb and dance. 
2. Beyond bionics: how the future of prosthetics is redefining humanity.
3. How we’ll become cyborgs and extend human potential | Hugh Herr.


ESSAY COMPETITION - 2 : Universal Basic Income & Impact of Automation in Canada

2020 Aug to 2020 Oct: 

Some questions to consider are,

  1. What would be the impact of increasing automation on jobs for Canadian worker?
  2. Can automated jobs be taxed? What role could universal basic income play?

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ESSAY COMPETITION - 3 : Driverless Cars and Insurance

2020 Nov to 2021 Jan

As driverless cars become a reality and surpass the safety records of human drivers, suggest a policy of insurance. Who will pay for accidents that involve only driverless cars in a society with some cars automated and some not? 

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ESSAY COMPETITION - 4 : Privacy Commissioners and their powers

2021 Feb to 2021 Apr

Consumer privacy is a hot topic in the digital era.  Should Canada’s Federal and Provincial privacy commissioners be given more powers to protect Canadian’s privacy?

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