Start your kids coding journey the right way. CPSP is an introductory (Level 1) course on Computer Programming which include both theory and learning via projects. First half of the course focus on programming foundations and visual programming using Scratch. Scratch is a drag and drop programming language ideal for kids and widely popular. The latter half the course moves on to standard programming language of Python. This is a very powerful programming language (For example, most of the Instagram is written with python).

The course is designed as four modules:

First module focuses on basics of programming. Like the right ways to code, algorithms, modular programming (divide & conquer) etc. by using simple examples and real world scenarios. Then the visual programming language of Scratch is introduced. Concepts like strings, arrays, loops & functions are discussed and students attempt some fun projects that use these basic constructs.

Second module move on to object-oriented programming concepts and attempts simple projects in Scratch (simple games). Students gets the excitement of seeing their code in action in live real projects and share it with their classmates and friends.

Third module introduces the text-based programming language of Python. Initially start of by repeating the same algorithms and flowcharts developed previously for scratch in python. The module covers Python IDEs in detail, data structures, formatting & error handling. Students gets a taste of real-world programming (more than simple games). This helps them make more informed decisions about their future careers down the lane.

Last module, course move to complex logic portions in Python. Object-oriented programming in Python, Python standard libraries, Virtual environments (to learn more rapidly by themselves after the course) etc. 

The course ends the course with a final project which can be added to their resume, helping their college applications etc.


1)    Audience: Our programs are geared towards kids genuinely interested in making things & technology in general, ie; computers, robotics, programming etc.  The Level 1 program is intended for anyone in the age group 9 to 14 years who are new to electronics, programming or robotics.