John is a fourth year electrical engineering student University of British Columbia Electrical Engineering. He is a previous senior UBC Geering up Engineering outreach instructor . He has great passion for teaching kids. Currently a swimming coach and a group leader for kids. He’s used Python scripts to automate processes for labs and for data collection at UBC concrete toboggan (Electronics Design Team). At Geering Up Engineering Outreach, he’s utilized both scratch and Lego to teach programming and robotics. He has experience with hands on manufacturing. On UBC concrete toboggan, he’s used shop and lab tools to manufacture roll cages, pneumatic braking systems, and custom pressure and strain sensors. He used his electronics knowledge to build a coin-picking robot before. John programmed micro-controllers in C, and designed the circuits. He’s used SolidWorks extensively to analyze the roll cages and pneumatic braking systems. John enjoys sailing and swimming and is a competitive ski racer and speed swimmer.


Matin is currently a Computer Science major at SFU and Computer Science graduate from Douglas College. Matin interests are Java, C++, Python, Raspberry Pi, Xcode, Eclipse, Visual Studio, NetBeans, PyCharm, Matlab etc. He replicated car’s backup camera sensor system that can be used on a robot with Raspberry Pi.  In 2019 when he was in Douglas college, he programmed an Ultrasonic Range Sensor for measurements and LED as warning sign. Also built a Security System Model for a miniature house with smart security system which has a Smart lock that will send an email every time someone uses the button to ring the bell to notify the host. He has depth of experience in working with  sensors, modules, servo motors, LCDs, RFIDs, Buttons, Buzzers etc. Matin’s hobbies are photography, classical guitar, FIFA video games and soccer.


James is a third year mechatronics student in UBC. James has deep knowledge in Python, C/C++ and Siemens programming.   His knowledge in Arduino(AVR) and LaunchPad(ARM) helped him to build a hovercraft in the second year design team, consisting of Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineers. He was in charge of the electrical team, designed and coded the arduino, while the fellow team members wired, built and assembled the hovercraft. Recently as part of UBC engineering team, James operated in a team to build a model draw bridge using limited resources, where it had to support a load, and be functional as a draw bridge. James has numerous awards and scholarships under his belt. Like Okanagan Engineering Competition First Place 2019 as part of UBC team, UBC Deputy Vice-Chancellor Scholarship etc. to name a few. James had a passion for technology and was building websites and a mini-robots his school days itself. He enjoys Table tennis and basketball when not coding 😊



Aasa is a fourth-year Mechatronic Systems Engineering student enrolled at SFU and has been with CRL for some time. Aasa has experience with many software and programming languages including SolidWorks, MATLAB, AutoCAD, C++ and C, Inventor, CES Edupack, LabVIEW, and Ltspice. Aasa has built various projects including a maze solver robot built using the Lego EV3. This robot was designed to solve a 4×6 maze and deliver golf balls to different locations. It uses a follower algorithm programmed by using the c language which solves the maze and the robot follows the path. Aasa also created an automated system for widget assembly (AWA) using the software LabVIEW. The AWA is fed manually by the user with either rings or aluminum posts. The AWA then sorts between the posts and the rings and assembles them. It then kicks out the unfinished pieces(either just a single ring or post) and collects the finished widgets.




Rajesh has masters in computer applications and working US and Canada in the software industry for 22 years as a software architect and other leading roles. Before starting Cloverdale Robotics in 2019, Rajesh completed a course from the renowned Carnegie Mellon University in Robotics Education to school students. 

During spare time works on various social causes and was the NDP candidate for Member of Parliament in 2021 from Cloverdale-Langley City federal riding.


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