1. Need Help with the registration process?

Please use below file for a page by page walkthrough of the registration process (Click here). 

2. What are the hardware requirements? Which tablet should i buy?

For all robotics classes that include robotics, ie; robotics only, robotics & coding etc. we provide all required hardware. Students need not bring anything.

For all python only classes (intermediate students), students should bring own laptop.

For other classes( Eg: Coding and Digital arts classes) we do not provide the tablets (they are priced accordingly). So, we recommend to get any android tablet newer than a Samsung Galaxy A7 lite (screen size 8.7 inches minimum) or newer or similar. It costs under $200 now to buy from amazon/best buy/Costco etc – see links below. Android tablets/Laptops and macbooks are okay for the coding program but not for the digital arts program. Only android tablets are okay for digital arts programs. So, we recommend an android tablet which will work for all programs. There is a rental option for tablets with $20/month from us but we prefer the students get their own devices as it will enable them to continue the study at home.

Here are some sample product links. We will also recommend to get a cover with screen protector or cover plus screen protector for the tablet as kids tend to drop tablets and damage it.

Tablets: https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/samsung-galaxy-tab-a7-lite-8-7-32gb-android-tablet-with-mediatek-mt8768t-8-core-processor-dark-grey/15490519

Stylus: https://www.amazon.com/Compatible-Android-Touchscreens-Rechargeable-Samsung/dp/B09C3PT6TD

Tablet Cover : https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Protector-Shockproof-Lightweight-Protective/dp/B09H2G4DVH

3. How I install required software if students bring their own tablet/laptop devices?

Please use our software inslalation guide if you are bringing your own devices (It is cheaper to bring your own devices and recommended – since students can practice at home. Click Here for Guide–?  General Software Installation Guide 

If you an newer tab ( Like samsung galaxy A7 lite, with newer android version like ver 13) and not able install scrach offline editor only (for the coding class), Pleaes use this scratch instlallation guide. This is not applicable to digital arts etc. For that please use the Genetal software installation guide above.

4. How do we know the progress of the kids or know what they learn?

We provide students three student reports at the end of each term (Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar & Apr to Jun) and recommend actions. There is a also a closed parent community where we post pictures from classes almost daily. The detailed of the group will be shared with parents after the classes have started. There are lot of pictures of our classes on our website gallery too. Almost all of the pictures given in the class description and gallery are activities by our students in the class.

5. What additional supports do you have available for kids who might need that ?

While we strive to maintain an inclusive environment for all students, it’s important to note that our current support services have some limitations. We make every effort to accommodate the diverse needs of all students; however, we encourage open communication to understand individual requirements better and explore potential solutions together. 

If a student requires additional support, please notify us during the checkout process by affirmatively answering whether the student needs any additional support. We also encourage parents or support persons to accompany their child during the program. Your presence can provide additional comfort and assistance to ensure the child’s needs are met to the best of our abilities

6. What are th Cancellation, Refund, Discount policies for Summer Camps.

Any cancellation 48 hours before the start date is refunded in full minus a $15 registration fee. Cancellation after first day is 75% of full amount. Cancellation after two days is 50%. No refunds after 3rd day. 

7. Siblings discounts, any other discounts.

We usually provide a 20% discount for second, third child when they are registered together. We provide a 10% for single parents. These may not be available for all products or all times. Contact us at info@cloverdalerobotics.ca before registration to avail this (Please avoid phone calls about these in order to keep the programs affordable for all). 

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