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Support your school’s internal STEM programs/initiative by renting our hardware on flat daily/monthly rates, and licensing our product agnostic curriculum. We provide the required teacher training and all required support. Our hardware set is product-agnostic – i.e.;  not tied to a particular product or brand, rather, our kits are designed to meet the curriculum we provide. We use the most industry leading robot sets available in north America, and import the best robots sets from around the world to rotate each month and keep the students engaged. Currently, the kits we provide are available for Elementary and Middle schools, however, we plan to include High schools rentals in the future in partnership with other permanent facilities. So, with no long term contracts and no upfront costs, schools may quickly start the program and see how it works. Our rental model helps schools outsource all the hardware maintenance efforts. Schools need not worry about missing out on the new and innovative products coming to market as we constantly add new products to our robot sets and welcome suggestions. For more information and rates, please contact info@cloverdalerobotics.ca.



Our programs run once a week at 50+ schools in the Lower Mainland including public and private schools. These programs are also available in any of our three streams (Robotics, Digital Arts, and Coding) and in three levels (L0/L1/L2). The schools provide the learning space and the rest of the program is run by CRL. We maintain a teacher to student ratio of 1:12 in all our programs, and the students are grouped in to two to support pair programming concepts as much as possible. Each pair is provided with their own Robot and Android tablet to complete the lesson. We also work with the Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) of public schools to bring in these programs to the schools use this as an opportunity fundraise for the PAC. Letting CRL use the computer room for Coding and Digital Arts programs will make it more affordable for both parents and schools. Please contact us for more details about additional information and rates at info@cloverdalerobotics.ca.


The concept is to consider STEM like any other subject. These are morning to evening programs, mostly running once a week in schools, and are customizable based on the needs of the school. The programs are usually run in the gym, library, or any open space such as classrooms. The Coding or Digital Arts programs can be run in computer rooms also. The CRL team leads these classes with all required hardware, curriculum, etc. Depending on the bell schedule, 5 to 7 batches can be run each day, each batch consisting up to 30 students for the possibly of teaching up to 210 students a day. Classes usually run once a week.
CRL is happy to hand over these classes to the school staff after some time as the staff is ready and willing to continue the classes and support the ongoing classes by licensing our curriculum and hardware rentals.


We work with your PAC or school administration to provide full day and week workshops for the entire school, giving the entire school an overview about Robotics. Most of these programs qualify for the PTA Gaming grants, and is a good way to bring quality programs to the students. Two teachers coming into the school for a day can cater up to 210 students in 7 batches of 30 students each. We always try to make the programs affordable for parents and school. Please contact us for more details at info@cloverdalerobotics.ca.
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