2021-2022 Classes: Artificial Intelligence – Level 1, Age 14 to 17: Online


Wondering how high school students can learn AI? You will be surprised! The software platforms that we use hide the complexity of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our AI program for high school students is tailored for students looking for a fast-tracked AI primer.

For one month, we let students use drag and drop blocks to do projects like facial recognition, human mood detection, celebrity detection, etc. The idea is to recognize the power and ease of use of AI when compared to regular programming methods. After this, students experiment with Data Gathering, Pre-Processing, Model Training and finally running AI models using Industry-leading platforms like those developed by Google, Amazon, and IBM who lead this field. To prepare students for this, we shift to teaching python – a leading text-based coding language. Then in the final part of the course, we use python-based Artificial Intelligence projects and expose students to some real projects with AI programming, ethical issues involved in Artificial Intelligence, etc. We introduce them to leading AI platforms such as “tensor flow”, “Google AI” and Microsoft “Azure” to understand how some of these fun projects happen. Overall, the course gives students a good AI primer that will lead them to a path of self-learning AI.

The course is for beginners. So a coding background is not necessary but is helpful. If you are new to coding, set aside some offline time to self-learn – instructors will guide you.

Artificial Intelligence is changing our world silently but radically. Did you know that by 2021, 80% of emerging technologies will have AI foundations? It is estimated that 65% of children today will pursue careers that don’t even exist yet and AI will be the front and center of those careers. Give them a head start!

Our Class sizes max 8 students for online classes. No contracts & paid monthly. Level 1 is our beginner-level course on Coding in the Level 0/1 to Level 4 curriculum. For more info about Level 0 to Level 4, please see ‘About ‘ ABOUT and FAQ Page.  

Delivery: Online from Sep 2021 – Jun 2022. One hour a week for one year. $99/Month. Billed monthly (No contracts or upfront payments).

Please see the intro Video Also: AI Program Level 1


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2021-2022 HSAI L1 Online (PST)

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