2021-2022 Classes: Coding – Level 1, Age 14 to 17: Online


Our one-year coding program, CPSP is adapted to fast-track high school students who are new to coding. It is designed to build a strong foundation for their coding career.

This course focuses on the text-based programming language of Python. Students practice these concepts with Python and end with a month-long project in Python. Depending on the interest and need of students in each class, we may use some Scratch in the first month to explain basic coding principles, but this is at the discretion of the instructor. Either way, from the second month onwards the course will be fully focused on Python.  Overall, the course covers all topics that a regular Python book covers – but our objective is to teach concepts and the right ways to code. We try to enable a “self-study” mode. This helps them learn any programming language in the future – the ones here now, or the ones of the future.

The entire course is academically oriented and students get a taste of real-world programming (as opposed to dabbling in programming or just creating simple games). This helps them make more informed decisions about their future careers down the line.

Our Class sizes are at a max of 8 students for online classes. No contracts & paid monthly. Level 1 is our beginner-level course on Coding in the Level 0/1 to Level 4 curriculum. For more info about Level 0 to Level 4 please see the ABOUT and FAQ Page.  

Delivery: Online from Sep 2021 – Jun 2022. One hour a week for one year. $99/Month. Billed monthly (No contracts or upfront payments).

Please see the intro Video Also: CPSP – Coding Program Level 1


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2021-2022 HSC L1 Online (PST)

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