2021-2022 Classes: Coding – Level 2(Advanced), Age 9 to 13: Online


Level 2 is the core of our 4-Level program. This is the level at which most of the education happens after covering the fundamentals in Level 1. The philosophy at Level 2 is learning by doing – So, the first year of Level 2 Coding is organized as a series of 5 to 10 real-life projects focusing on using Python libraries. I.e. Each project is solving a business problem but simultaneously focusing on using a specific set of Python libraries. I.e. Database libraries in Python for the first project, Networking libraries in Python for the second project, and so on.

The second-year is focusing more on the specific applied uses of Python in different areas/industries. Example: Game design and programming, Internet of Thing’s, Ecommerce/Website, Digital Art, etc. Again, maximizing the use of the Python language in these areas. We solely focus on one text-based language, Python, because of the assumption that if the student becomes an expert coder in one language and learns the ‘self-study’ approach, they can learn another language easily by themselves. This course is led by industry professionals and/or UBC/ SFU computer science students.

The course is available to both Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers in separate sessions. The program is relatively intense and is NOT for beginners. It is two hours a week and goes on for two years. Delivery is Online from Sept. 2021 – Jun. 2022 for the first year. Cost is $198/Month and billed monthly (No contracts or upfront payments. So it can be discontinued at any month if not satisfactory). The first two weeks are trial classes for every course of ours. If not continued after trial, we refund the first month’s fee paid, less $40.
Entry Criteria: Completing the Level 1 Coding course OR a very good programming background spanning more than 2 years in any of the text-based languages (Eg: Python, C, Java, etc.) and be a quick learner (as they might still be missing some robotics fundamentals). Age range 14 to 17 for this course. Our Class sizes are a maximum of 8 students for online classes.

We Are Giving Canadian Kids a Chance to Succeed – In the Ultra-Competitive Tech World of Tomorrow! Please see our ‘ABOUT‘ page and ‘FAQ‘ page to know more about us and how we are different from other regular coding and robotics programs.


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2021-2022 MSC L2 Online (PST)

Saturdays 2pm – 4pm, Sundays 4pm – 6pm