2021-2022 Classes: Surrey Public Schools: Robotics (Level 1, Age 9 to 13): In Person


The purpose of our Level 1 program is to build a strong foundation for kids’ tech careers at an early age. This course is part of the larger, multi-year, planned program (Level 1 to Level 3) and is the beginner level (Level 1), designed to comfortably introduce children to the world of Robotics. In this beginners courses, we not only cover BC Ministry of education Grade 8 Robotics curriculum, we do a lot more. You can find the ministry curriculum here : Ministry of Education – Grade 8 Robotics Curriculum  Check the robotics section.

The full program is two hours a week. The Robot ‘Build’ hour focuses on the electronic parts of robots and building robots from the ground up using robot kits, programming them, etc. The ‘Robot Programming’ hour focuses on programming pre-made robots, adjusting/replacing the mechanical parts, and configuring and programming them for specific purposes.


Robot Programming  Option: In this hour,  the focus is on the mechanical, customization, and programming aspects of Robotics. Students will learn the skill of solving interesting problems and making cool programs and routines with the help of a computer and our industry-leading educational robots.  In this program, students work with some of the latest Robots in the world (And the first time in Canada). $120/Month for this one hour.

Robot Build Option: This hour covers all three aspects of electronics and robotics. 1) Electronics: This portion introduces children to basic electronic components such as motors, sensors, LEDs, etc. which are the hardware building blocks of robots. 2) Programming: This portion introduces students to the basics of Scratch like blocks-based programming with real-world applications.  $120/Month for this one hour.

The Full option contains both of the above options and runs for two hours. $240/Month.

We bill monthly(No contracts or upfront payments). No kits to buy – BUT if students choose, they can buy the Robots for the build option ($250 to $500) and they want to and learn at home at their own pace too. We provide computers for all In-Person class students, so need to bring student’s own computers. This course is available in our Cloverdale location also.

Our Class size is at a maximum of 12 students per class. Public School Classes run from January 2022 to the end of June 2022 at the above Surrey Public Schools. Classes at our Cloverdale Center at 17720 57 Ave Surrey BC. V3S 1H2.


NB: The programming option course has an online format too($99/month) for kids who can not attend in person. Online course uses real robots with instructor shown via cameras. Kids access and program these real robots and see the actions via video cameras, in real time. Please see the course page for details & registration.



The Macarena
Gangam Style 3


School Name Program Start Date:  Day of the week (1 day/week only, Time : 3 pm to 7 pm)) Open House Date (At School)
Adams Road Elementary Jan 3rd 2022 Mondays TBD
Cloverdale Robotics Center Jan 3rd 2022


Mondays TBD
William F. Davidson Elementary Jan 4th 2022 Tuesdays TBD
Berkshire Park Elementary Jan 5th 2022 Wednesdays TBD
Cloverdale Robotics Center Jan 5th 2022 Wednesdays TBD
Maddaugh Elementary Jan 6th 2022 Thursdays TBD
Bear Creek Elementary Jan 7th 2022 Fridays TBD
Kirkbride Elementary Jan 10th 2022 Mondays TBD
Strawberry Hill Elementary Jan 11th 2022 Tuesdays TBD
Cedar Hills Elementary Jan 12th 2022 Wednesdays TBD
Green Timbers Elementary Jan 13th 2022 Thursdays TBD
Bothwell Elementary Jan 14th 2022 Fridays TBD
Frost Road Jan 17th 2022 Mondays TBD
Boundary Park Jan 18th 2022 Tuesdays TBD
Woodward Hill Jan 19th 2022 Wednesdays TBD
Mary Jane Shannon Jan 20th 2022 Thursdays TBD
Chimney Hill Jan 21st 2022 Fridays TBD
Cloverdale Robotics Center Jan 8th 2022


Sundays TBD

Note: Batches Below: Classes are once a week only. The public school locations are not confirmed! These classes are brought to Public schools in association with STEM FOR ALL.

Additional information

School Name

Mondays – Cloverdale Robotics : 17720 57Ave: Start Jan 3rd 2022, Sundays – Cloverdale Robotics 17720 57Ave : Start Jan 8th 2022, Mondays – Adams Road Elementary : Start Jan 3rd 2022, Mondays – Kirkbride Elementary: Start Jan 10th 2022, Mondays – Frost Road : Start Jan 17th 2022, Tuesdays – Boundary Park Elementary : Start Jan 18th 2022, Tuesdays – William F. Davidson Elementary : Start Jan 4th 2022, Tuesdays – Strawberry Hill Elementary : Start Jan 11th 2022, Wednesdays – Berkshire Park Elementary : Start Jan 5th 2022, Wednesdays – Woodward Hill Elementary : Start Jan 19th 2022, Wednesdays- Cedar Hills Elementary : Start Jan 12th 2022, Thursdays – Green Timbers Elementary : Start Jan 13th 2022, Thursdays – Maddaugh Elementary : Start Jan 6th 2022, Thursdays – Mary Jane Shannon Elementary : Start Jan 20th 2022, Fridays – Bear Creek Elementary : Start Jan 7th 2022, Fridays – Bothwell Elementary : Start Jan 14th 2022, Fridays – Chimney Hill Elementary: Start Jan 21st 2022, Wednesdays – Cloverdale Robotics 17720 57Ave : Start Jan 5th 2022

In Person Middle School : Options & Cost

Both – 2 Hr/Wk : 5 PM to 7 PM : $240/Month, Programming Option – 1 Hr/Wk : 5 PM to 6 PM : $120/Month, Build Option – 1 Hr/Wk : 6 PM to 7 PM : $120/Month