Summer Camp : High Schoolers ( Age 14 to 17) : Beginners PYTHON : Online


Are your High-School Children interested in learning about Robotics and Programming or a seasoned programmer seeking to get to the next level? Join Cloverdale Robotics’ Python Summer Challenge hosted by SFU and UBC Computer Science whiz’s.

This one-week camp introduces the text-based programming language of Python to students age 14 to 17. Students initially start off with simple algorithms and flowcharts. The module covers Python IDEs in detail, data structures etc. All basic concepts of python in a 20-hour weeklong Bootcamp. This is an academic-style camp where the focus is on learning the python language – as opposed to game creation for fun etc. This course is specifically for students ages 14 to 17.

But if you are already good in Python and looking to take skills to the next level,  try our PYTHON INDUSTRY PROJECT, a two-week camp.

All online classes are 10.00 AM to 3 PM, with four 1 hour sessions. Two hours in the morning, and two hours in the afternoon with some short breaks in-between.


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HS Python Beginners Weeks

Aug 1st Week: Aug 3rd to 6th, Aug 2nd Week: Aug 9th to 13th