Cloverdale Catholic School – Mondays – L1 Robotics & Coding

$175.00 / month for 5 months

Time: School Dismissal to 5:00pm. Once a week on Mondays.

Dates : Jan 23rd 2023 to June 26, 2023

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Do you know kids start to form career choices between the age of 7 and 12?  With the advent of Robotics, AI, Digital Arts etc. many traditional jobs are disappearing, and new opportunities are appearing constantly. Learning Robotics, Coding & AI will help kids prepare to grab these opportunities. So let us grow their interests in the tech of tomorrow! We are bringing in one of the leading Robotics Education providers in Canada to Surrey Christian School, Fleetwood Campus. It is available on Mondays OR Fridays from school dismissal to 5 pm, until the end of June 2023. One day a week. This is an in-person class at the school. Please find some details below. Programs are same on both days.

Intermediate Robotics & Coding: (Age 9 to 13) :

This course introduces students to the world of computer programming and robotics for beginners. First hour focuses on robotics followed by a quick 10-minute snack break and followed by computer programming (Scratch & Minecraft) session.

Robotics session include real, physical robots for students to build and program. During the first few months students use simpler robots. However, our robots change every month or other month. Students program robots using an easy to use, drag and drop interface or a python-like interface (each robot is different). Some of the day-to-day activities include programming a robot hand to grab objects with five fingers, programming a drawing robot that use real paper and markers to draw shapes or pictures. Students will also program robots to traverse mazes or program them to walk on four legs. As for curriculum, BC ADST curriculum is covered and goes beyond. BC ADST curriculum can be found here .

The second part of the class is focused on Computer Programming which includes both theory and learning via projects. This part starts off with programming concepts using the scratch language to quickly walkthrough the key programing concepts and interesting coding projects. We also use Minecraft coding in some sessions.

Note 3: Class days (Mondays only): Jan 23, 30 , Feb 6,13,27 , March 6,27 , April 3,10,17,24 , May 1,8,15,29 , June 5,19,26

Total 21 classes. The course is 5.5 months in duration and average 4 classes a month for 5 months. Jan & Mar 2023 considered two half months and considered as a full month for payment.

All enrolled students will also get a two free half day spring day camps at our center to make up missed days during school closures and spring break. ie; One half day (4 hours) robotics camp and half day(4 hours) digital arts camp at our center (17720 57 Ave surrey BC, V3S 9C1). However no refunds/replacements or other arrangements can be made if students can not attend this camp. The details to enroll the free camp will be emailed to enrolled students later on.