Cloverdale Robotics Centre – L0 Junior Robotics (Age 6-8)

$99.00 / month for 8 months

Starting date: September 10, 2022


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Introduce students of ages 6 to 8 to the vast world of robotics! We will develop the students’ excitement and curiosity by immersing them in the two segments of the course: Programming and Build. This course is fully fun-oriented, with no previous programming or electronic experience required. 

In the Robot Programming portion, our Level 0 students will have a blast learning computer science fundamentals such as basic coding by seeing their robots working based on their code. They will interact, control, and complete story-based missions with industry leading educational robots. Each day will consist of new stories and environments to take part in with the different robots to engage the students, such as becoming a Robot Hero to save puppies in danger, and taking part in a robot dance-off!

In the Robot Build portion of the course, students will be given a snap-on robot kit and tablet to create their robot of the day, such as Robot Car, Engineering Vehicle, Robot Puppy, etc. Once completed, the students will be able to control their robot to take part in fun activities such as playing robot soccer, red light green light, freeze tag, and more! Additionally, students will be able to create custom moves and controls for their robots to make them drive, walk, drive, etc.

By the end of the course, students will have gained an ability to write simple programs which can be applicable to future programming. They will be able to code and use different components of robots such as sensors, motors, and other connected devices.

Please see the pictures and videos in our gallery to get an insight on the classes. This is unlike anything available for students today in Canada!

Note: This is a full year program which integrates our previous Level 0 programming and Level 0 build programs. Students will do programming on some days and build on other days. 

All our Level 0 and Level 1 courses are 30-40 hours of direct instructor training in person or online. Level 1 also has similar hours of optional homework.  All courses can be done in 3 to 4 months with two hours a week (Sept 2022 to Dec 2022) or 7 to 8 months with one hour a week (Sept 2022 to Apr 2023)

All our programs are affordable and paid monthly with no long term contracts.


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Mondays – In person – 4pm to 5pm, Mondays – Online – 5pm to 6pm, Tuesdays – In person – 3pm to 4pm, Tuesdays – Online – 5pm to 6pm, Wednesdays – In person – 4pm to 5pm, Thursdays – In person – 3pm to 4pm, Thursdays – Online – 4pm to 5pm, Friday – In person – 4pm to 5pm, Saturdays – In person – 10am to 11am, Saturdays – Online – 10am to 11am, Saturdays – In person – 3pm to 4pm, Sundays – In person – 10am to 11am, Sundays – Online – 10am to 11am, Sundays – In person – 3pm to 4pm