Cloverdale Robotics Centre – L1 Python Programming (Age 9-13)

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Starting date: September 10, 2022


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Do you know kids start to form career choices between the age of 7 and 12?  With the advent of Robotics, AI, Virtual Reality etc. many traditional jobs are disappearing, and new opportunities are appearing constantly. Learning Robotics, Coding & AI will help kids prepare to grab these opportunities. So let us grow their interests in the tech of tomorrow!

Intermediate  Coding: (Age 9 to 13)  :

This course introduces students to the world of computer programming.

This is an introductory (Level 1) course on Computer Programming. This course is focused on Computer Programming which includes both theory and learning via projects. This starts off with programming concepts using the scratch language to quickly walkthrough the key programming concepts. After 1-2 months the course switch solely to the programming language of Python. Python is a very powerful, industry strength programming language that is an extremely valuable skill to have.  . The objective is to learn just one language deeply which will enable the students to learn any programming language by themselves in future ( Java, C, C++ or even the ones not invented yet!). So we solely on the programming language of Python. Python is a very powerful, industry strength, programming language.   As for curriculum, BC ADST curriculum is covered and goes beyond. BC ADST curriculum can be found here .

Details by modules:

Module 1: First focus is on the basics of programming – Like the right ways to code, algorithms, modular programming (divide & conquer) etc. by using simple examples and real-world scenarios. Uses scratch programming language.

Module 2: Introduction to Python:

Module 3: ‘Big ideas’ and computational thinking approach. Simple projects that practice these concepts and team projects.

Module 4: Testing and Debugging : Introduction to testing, debugging methodology. Do’s and Don’ts in testing and debugging.

Module 5: Advanced Projects involving Python. Concepts like object-oriented programming in Python. Classes and Inheritance. Students are introduced to the idea of working as a team to achieve larger coding projects, modularizing, defining roles and responsibilities, interfaces etc.

Module 6: Review of Python standard libraries.


All our Level 0 and Level 1 courses are 30-40 hours of direct instructor training in person or online. Level 1 also has similar hours of optional homework.

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