Cloverdale Robotics Centre – L1 Scratch Programming (Age 9-13)

$99.00 / month for 8 months

Starting date: September 10, 2022


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This is an introductory (Level 1) course on Computer Programming which includes both theory and learning via projects. It takes a lighter and fun approach to start students’ programming journey using the drag and drag programming language of scratch. But it still covers all the necessary curriculum requirements.  Unlike the L0 Scratch, this covers programming theory and follows the BC curriculum to kickstart their coding careers. 

Total course duration generally is ~35 classroom hours and rest as optional homework assignments making total study hours to ~80. 

This course can be offered in person (at home/school) or online. This is a beginners course. 

Module 1: Basics of programming – The right ways to code, algorithms, modular programming (divide & conquer) etc. by using simple examples and real-world scenarios.  Students start simple games, musical programs to practise the concepts.
Module 2: The module covers data structures, formatting & error handling. Related projects.
Module 3: ‘Big ideas’ and computational thinking approach. Simple projects that practise these concepts and team projects. 

Towards the end, students get to some longer real projects  as a mid term project and see the excitement of seeing their code in an Arduino based robot, EV3 robot etc…

Module 4: Advanced Projects. Students are introduced to topics like robotics, Virtual reality etc and create programs that work in those domains. They create relatively complex programs that work on small robots, create 3D Virtual Reality based games etc. taking their interest to next level. 


Python Course L1 can be accessed here. https://cloverdalerobotics.ca/product/cloverdale-robotics-centre-l1-python-programming-age-9-13/ 

This course is a highly individualized way to learn computer programming, as it allows students to make a personal decision on when they would like to switch over from block-based coding (Scratch) to text-based coding (Python). Ie; The students starting off with this Scratch course will be allowed to switch to this Python course at any month they feel comfortable to do so. They need not complete this course.We may offer some additional private lessons to cover the areas of Python that the switching students may be missed. 

All our Level 0 and Level 1 courses are 30-40 hours of direct instructor training in person or online. Level 1 also has similar hours of optional homework.  All courses can be done in 3 to 4 months with two hours a week (Sept 2022 to Dec 2022) or 7 to 8 months with one hour a week (Sept 2022 to Apr 2023)

If the students complete this course fully in Scratch (block based programming) they can not join the L2 Python programming course the next year. Knowing Python language is mandatory for L2 enrollment.

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