Cloverdale Robotics Centre – L2 Robotics (Age 14-17)

$160.00 / month for 22 months

Starting date: September 10, 2022


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A series of robotics projects for two years. Each project ranging 2-3 months and covering a specific aspect of robotics. Each project would be covering a  different concept in Robotics OR a different type of physical robots. Like four wheel car, walking robots, bi pedal, hexapod, 3D printing project etc. Students will have to buy their own kits for each project (~$100 to ~$200). Students create, program and take home their robots adding to their personal collection as well as favorite projects.

Entry: Pass of our L1 robot build OR L2 Computer Programming is necessary. OR 2-3 years of previous text based coding experience (any language) is required to join this course. Expected to have a good base in electronics also. However, students are welcome to try. All our programs are paid monthly with no commitments.

Our chipset of choice is Raspberry Pi and wherever possible we use Python language predominantly. C or C++ is used only when necessary. We believe that if the students learn any language deep enough, they can pick up other programming languages easily making them ready to face the future.

A student profile (Dates, project summary, pictures, videos, source code etc..)  is also created and maintained along with all the projects done by students. This is to help with future university applications etc. and to showcase student talent. We expect students to share this profile link along with  their university applications.

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Saturdays – In person – 5pm to 7pm, Sundays – In person – 5pm to 7pm