Cloverdale Traditional – Wednesdays- Build a Smart Home + Micro:bit – L1


Time: School Dismissal to 5:00pm. Once a week on Tuesdays.

Dates : May 2 2023 to June 13, 2023

Availability: In stock

An excellent approach to introduce electronics to middle school students. Over the course, students learn the fundamentals of electronics and sensors, and learn to use a simple, programmable computer chip called Micro:bit. Students are presented to Micro:bit robots and they will learn how to program them. For their main project, they will construct a Micro:bit Smart Home and take it home. Block coding OR text-based coding like Python can be used to program the Smart home. The project includes making the miniature house they build “smart” by making an earthquake detection and warning system (using vibration sensors), intruder detection system (using sound & light sensors) and adjusting the lighting in the house (using photo sensors) and much more. Google BBC Micro:bit or go to https://microbit.org for further information.

This is an enjoyable short-term course for middle school students. The course is around 2.5 hours per day (starts at the end of the school day(around 2.30pm), ends at 5pm) once a week from May 2023 until the end of the school year. Students will keep their Micro:bit and completed Smart home kit.

The course is ideal to introduce kids who like hands on building etc. to the world of robotics, electronics and programming. Or expand their horizon from regular programming to include robotics, electronics etc. Abundant resources are available online for free to continue their learning with micro:bit and with the smart home. Visit

https://microbit.org for details on this. Electronic parts if damaged can be purchased online in most cases.


1. Everyone is welcome to the class, from coding/robotics novices to seasoned students. We begin slowly and advance.
2. Course fee include the cost of the kit. The kit include wooden pieces, lot of electronics components and a micro:bit V2.

3. After receiving their smart home kit, students are in charge of it. We are unable to replace any components damaged by students. However, we can assist to buy replacement parts(up to $150 for the full kit. However we are not selling the kit alone).

4. Class Days: (Location : Classroom 201)

  1. May 3 2023 2:30 PM TO 5 PM
  2. May 10 2023 2:30 PM TO 5 PM
  3. May 17 2023 2:30 PM TO 5 PM
  4. May 24 2023 2:30 PM TO 5 PM
  5. May 31 2023 2:30 PM TO 5 PM
  6. Jun 7 2023 2:30 PM TO 5 PM
  7. Jun 14 2023 2:30 PM TO 5 PM

5. Refund policy: Students can withdraw from the course after first class if they feel like.  All fee except $50 will be refunded in this case. Kit will not be given to students the first day but there will be a demo of the completed smart home the first day. There are no refunds after second class.

6. Students take home their kit and finished smart home. They also work with/program various robots shown that uses a micro:bit. However students do not get to take home the robots.

7. Continuing the course: Students might be able to continue their learning with long term course next year. We are doing tentative enrollments to this course as of now). Please see the school courses page for details.