Cougar Creek Elementary – Wednesdays – Level 0 Digital Arts & Coding

From: $60.00 / month for 4 months

Time: School Dismissal to (4:00pm or 5:00pm)

Start Date: Jan 11th , 2023


Introduce students of ages 6 to 9 to the vast world of digital arts and coding! We will trigger their excitement and curiosity for Tech.  

In the first part (2:30 pm to 4:00 pm), the purpose of coding sessions is to trigger and sustain students interest in computer programming early. Classes are designed to be fun, engaging.  Students create a new game each week. However it also to create situations for students to passively learn basic constructs of programming. Over the months, the sessions repeatedly practice the basic building blocks of coding in different ways to create strong foundational knowledge in programming without students being even aware of it. We use mostly the Scratch programming language and Minecraft. The course is for absolute beginners. This Level 0 course will lead to our ‘Level 1’ Python course down the line for interested students.

As for required computers and hardware, students can either bring their own laptop or tab OR use the one we provide(for additional $ mentioned).

The second part (4:00 pm to 5:00 pm) the purpose of digital arts is to identify students with creative and imaginative abilities and lead them to a path of using digital tools to express their imagination. In digital arts sessions, we introduce a new application every other class or so and does a project with it. For example, students will perform tasks like creating an animation to bloom a flower, making digital greeting cards, making wall art for decorating their rooms, creating music digitally, designing flyers and posters, and more! We expect students to end the course liking a few applications they love and continue to use those and explore digital arts more seriously to L1, L2 levels (higher levels – using tools like Adobe suite, Unity #d, Maya etc.) to continue their learning.

As for required computers and hardware, students can either bring their own laptop or tab OR use the one we provide(for additional $ mentioned).

This course is a fully fun-oriented, with no previous programming or electronic experience required. Most importantly, with this course, we take the fear out of them for Tech and highly rewarding tech careers of the future. Your kids will like it. Limited seats as lot of hardware is involved – first come first served!

Note 1: Class days (Fridays only): Jan 4,11,18,25, Feb 1,8,15,22, March 1,8,29, April 5,12,19,26th .

Note 2: Enrolled students will also get a two free half day spring day camps at our center to make up missed days during school closure. ie; One half day (4 hours) robotics camp and half day(4 hours) digital arts camp at our center (17720 57 Ave surrey BC, V3S 9C1). However no refunds/replacements or other arrangements can be made if students can not attend this camp. The details to enroll the free camp will be emailed to enrolled students later on. 

Note 3: This is an ongoing play based class. So it is okay to join after the January start date also.

Please select Courses & Hardware Choice

Coding only (Students bring own Laptop) – Till 4 pm, Coding & Digital Arts (Students bring own Laptop) – Till 5 pm, Coding only Rented Laptop – Till 4 pm, Coding & Digital Arts Rented Laptop- Till 5 pm