Don Christian Elementary – Afterschool Pickup- Level 0 Robotics, Digital Arts & Coding-2023-2024 (Cloverdale Centre) : Fridays

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School Dismissal to 4.30 pm/5:45pm (School Pickup for Latimer Road, Katzie , Hazelgrove, Adams Road, Hillcrest, Don Christian, Martha Currie & Cloverdale Traditional). Classes start at 3.15 pm for Parent Drop off. MUST select one choice from all options below. Use “CLEAR“ feature below to reset the options if required. [Click here to switch to afternoon program for age 9 to 13]


School Pickup from Don Christian Elementary for Afterschool Program at Cloverdale Robotics Centre.

L0 Robotics: (Age 6 to 8) : From Arrival/3.15 pm to 4:30 pm

Level 0 is our ‘CURIOSITY BUILDING’ phase for next generation innovators! A strictly play based approach to introducing Robotics and Coding to elementary school students. No emphasized learning objectives, instead learning is passively obtained by playing hands on with the robots. No Jargons, No complex programming stuff. Only stories that involve robots, playing with robots, and having fun. Our Level 0 course is designed in this way, so kids won’t feel like they are in another school lesson. Instead, will feel like they are playing, while learning passively through interacting with the robots and exercise themes (stories).

Key points on Stories (Exercise Themes):

  • Each day students are immersed into a story that involves a real robot.
  • Most stories involve students completing a “mission”. For example, saving a robot puppy from a monster.
  • Various props like colorful mats, mazes, obstacles, walls, and characters are used to help bring the story alive.
  • To complete the mission or achieve the goal, students have to program a real physical robot, or build it, or both.

The advantage of physical robotics, over learning traditional STEM concepts on the computer or on paper, is that students get to see their code in action in real time right away. This gives a better understanding on the effect of coding and gives a greater level of satisfaction than one just in front of a screen.

We have a collection of various STEM Robots source from around the world. So, students get to use a different robot each month, keeping their interest and curiosity at a high. Give them exposure a wide variety of robots at a very young age.

Learning Outcome after L0 Course Completion:

  • Creativity and Innovation: Comes from hands-on STEM experience, exploring different robot designs, coming up with own mods, and from using the robot’s functionalities to complete objectives (missions).
  • Coding: As they complete objectives by coding robots.
  • Fine Motor Skills: As they build robots from kits etc.
  • Presentation and Communication: Participants will practice presenting their robot creations, explaining the design to rest of the group.

L0 Coding & Digital Arts (Age 6 to 8): From 4:30 to 5.45 PM

L0 Coding sessions: L0 coding is a strictly play based approach to introducing coding using a variety of fun themes. But also, in L0 coding we go the extra mile and include many themes based on United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDG), because we believe it is important the next generation understand the big problems the planet faces today and will face in the future. We are planting the seeds in them, so that, maybe some of them will be inspired to find solutions to these problems. By the end of this coding session, students will have gained knowledge in writing long structured code sets in block-based programming (Scratch), and have enhanced their problem-solving skills and creativity.

L0 Digital Arts: The purpose of digital arts is to identify students with creative and imaginative abilities and lead them to a path of using digital tools to express their imagination. In these sessions, we introduce a new digital application every other class and does a project with it. We introduce students to a wide range of Artificial Intelligence based tools (Yes! – AI digital arts tools for elementary kids). This is NOT an arts session – but more of a “digital arts tool” session. It helps kids with drawing/painting abilities a lot but everyone can be a drawer/painter or artist with these tools.

For example, students will perform tasks like:

  • Creating an animation of a blooming flower
  • Making digital greeting cards
  • Making wall art that can be used to decorate their rooms
  • Creating music digitally
  • Designing flyers and posters
  • And more!

All the students need is imagination to create arts – we are there to help bring this image into reality.

The students can easily and quickly take their arts creation to the next level, and share their creations to the whole world digitally!

Our L0 Coding & Digital Arts course is a good mix of fun coding themes, digital arts themes, and of course sustainability development themes throughout the year.

CRL CLASS/PICKUP LOCATION AFTER THE COURSE: 17720 57 AVE SURREY BC V3S9C1. Pickup start from 1st week of September 2023.


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