Goldstone Park Elementary 2023-2024 : Tuesdays- L1 Robotics & Coding

From: $99.00 / renewal for 7 months and a $20.00 sign-up fee

Start Date: 2023 Oct 3


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Level 1 – Robotics (5:00 pm to 6:00 pm) : (Age 9 to 13) :

This course introduces students to the world of computer programming and robotics for beginners. First hour focuses on robotics followed by a quick 10-minute snack break and followed by computer programming (Scratch & Minecraft) session.

Robotics session include real, physical robots for students to build and program. During the first few months students use simpler robots. However, our robots change every month or other month. Students program robots using an easy to use, drag and drop interface or a python-like interface (each robot is different). Some of the day-to-day activities include programming a robot hand to grab objects with five fingers, programming a drawing robot that use real paper and markers to draw shapes or pictures. Students will also program robots to traverse mazes or program them to walk on four legs. As for curriculum, BC ADST curriculum is covered and goes beyond. BC ADST curriculum can be found here .

Level 1 – Computer Programming (6:00 pm to 7:00 pm) : (Age 9 to 13) :

This is an introductory (Level 1) course on Computer Programming. This course is focused on Computer Programming which includes both theory and learning via projects. This starts off with programming concepts and proceed as a regular python course. Python is a very powerful, industry strength programming language that is an extremely valuable skill to have. The objective is to learn just one language deeply which will enable the students to learn any programming language by themselves in future (Java, C, C++ or even the ones not invented yet!). So we solely on the programming language of Python. Python is a very powerful, industry strength, programming language.   As for curriculum, BC ADST curriculum is covered and goes beyond. BC ADST curriculum can be found here .


There will be non-screen breaks in during the program and students play games like Jenga & Uno to manage long stay. Please pack some snacks if they are staying from 5 pm to 7pm.

Parents can see lot of pictures and videos of student’s classes in our facebook group (invitation only for parents).

What is new in 2023-2024?

  1. We are moving to a semester system to make our programs more affordable. So, Oct 2023 to Dec 2023 is 1st is term 1. Jan to Apr is term 2. 
  2. Payment/Cancellation/Refund policy: Only  $20 registration fee is charged at the time of registration. Payment is done 1st day of each month automatically beginning Oct 2023 (total of 7 payments, Oct 2023 to April 2024) from the card used to register. To cancel for any reason, there is a two week notice required. (Ex: email us to info@cloverdalerobotics.ca by Feb 15,2024 to cancel by end of Feb 2024 and avoid paying for the month of March 2024). 
  3. All students receive a course completion certificate at the end of the course (part 2).
  4. We provide bi-monthly progress reports to parents. Parents can also view pictures and videos of classes, videos of activity done by students in our closed facebook group.
  5. Currently these classes are tentative pending approval from school & school board. If approval is not received or classes are not held, all amount will be refunded, including registration fee. Registration fee of $10 will be refunded only in the case classes are cancelled by us.
  6. Location : Goldstone Park Elementary · Library
  7. We maintain a student to teacher ration of 12:1. Teacher bios are in our team section.
  8. 20 spots available. First come first served. Registration is open. Reserve your spots early.
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