Latimer Road Elementary – 2023-2024 : Wednesdays- L0 Robotics & Coding

From: $99.00 / renewal for 7 months and a $20.00 sign-up fee

Start Date: 2023 Oct 11


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Level 0 – Robotics (2:30 pm to 4 pm)

Introduce students of ages 6 to 9 to the vast world of robotics and coding! Trigger their excitement and curiosity for Tech by immersing them to a stories that involve a real, physical educational robots. The purpose is to identify kids with engineering mindset in their early years itself. Each month students get new robots to keep the curiosity and variety of experience afresh.

Students program/build/play with robot based on the given story. Like, A monster has trapped a robot and kids have to help robot escape by programming the robot, becoming a Robot Hero to save puppies in danger OR taking part in a robot dance-off etc. In the robot build sessions, students will be given a snap-on robot kit and tablet to create their robot of the day, such as Robot Car, Engineering Vehicle, Robot Puppy, etc. Once completed, the students will be able to control their robot to take part in fun activities such as playing robot soccer, red light green light, freeze tag, and more!

They get to have fun but also passively learn the basics of coding and robotics. In fact, they are programming different sensors and motors of motos as they steer and control the robots, travelling mazes etc.

Level 0 – Digital Arts: (4 pm to 5 pm)

The purpose of digital arts is to identify students with creative and imaginative abilities and lead them to a path of using digital tools to express their imagination. In these sessions, we introduce a new digital application every other class and does a project with it. For example, students will perform tasks like creating an animation to bloom a flower, making digital greeting cards, making wall art for decorating their rooms, creating music digitally, designing flyers and posters, and more! We expect students to end the course finding out a few applications they love and continue to use those. They can explore digital arts more seriously to L1, L2 levels (higher levels – using tools like Adobe suite, Unity 3D, Maya etc.) to continue their learning down the line if they prefer. There is very little coding involved in these classes – This is more of an arts class than a coding class.


Students can register this class till 4 pm to 5 pm. There will be non-screen breaks in during the program and students play games like Jenga & Uno to manage long stay. Please pack some extra snacks if they are staying from school dismissal to 5 pm.

Parents can see lot of pictures and videos of student’s classes in our facebook group (invitation only for parents).

What is new in 2023-2024?

  1. We are moving to a semester system to make our programs more affordable. So, Oct 2023 to Dec 2023 is 1st is term 1. Jan to Apr is term 2. 
  2. Payment/Cancellation/Refund policy: Only  $20 registration fee is charged at the time of registration. Payment is done 1st day of each month automatically beginning Oct 2023 (total of 7 payments, Oct 2023 to April 2024) from the card used to register. To cancel for any reason, there is a two week notice required. (Ex: email us to info@cloverdalerobotics.ca by Feb 15,2024 to cancel by end of Feb 2024 and avoid paying for the month of March 2024). 
  3. All students receive a course completion certificate at the end of the course (part 2).
  4. We provide bi-monthly progress reports to parents. Parents can also view pictures and videos of classes, videos of activity done by students in our closed facebook group.
  5. We are including more ‘build’ activities in the course. There are a lot more of hands on ‘robot build’ than previous year.
  6. Currently these classes are tentative pending approval from school & school board. If approval is not received or classes are not held, all amount will be refunded, including registration fee. Registration fee of $10 will be refunded only in the case classes are cancelled by us.
  7. Location : Latimer Road Elementary · Classroom 104
  8. We maintain a student to teacher ration of 12:1. Teacher bios are in our team section.
  9. 20 spots available. First come first served. Registration is open. Reserve your spots early.
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