Summer Camp : High Schoolers: Advanced PYTHON PROJECT in two weeks : Online


Get two weeks of ‘industry experience’ in this crash camp. However, it is not really a camp or course – it is an industry-based project that must be completed in 40 hours ( 4 hours a day * 10 days) with direct mentorship from qualified instructors. Your child will be given a business requirement (something a business team would want to achieve in the industry). Then your child is asked to develop a web application that meets those requirements within a time period of two weeks to deliver it! The project will follow all the natural phases an industry project follows. In the initial days, the focus will be on understanding the project requirements and clarifying them; the latter part of the project will cover architecture, design, and documentation. The second half of the first week will focus on providing some training on python or other technical skills required for the project but are missing in the team. Throughout the project, our instructors will be there every step of the way.

The second week will be software development, testing, and rollout. This is a rigorous, time-bound camp. Technically the project will be using python and flask frameworks, especially its standard libraries and associated frameworks.

The camp is led by working industry professionals, assisted by UBC and SFU computer science students. Create something you can write on your university applications in two weeks!

A general camp structure:

Week 1, Day 1 Project Introduction, Business Requirements, User Story Definition Identification of Components: Web Front End Definition, API Identifications, Business Logic Definitions, Database Identification
Week 1, Day 2 Creating Design Documentation: User Interface Design, Flow Diagram Creating Design Documentation:  API & Behavior Definitions
Week 1, Day 3 Creating Design Documentation: Database Schema Definition Creating Design Documentation: Framework Identification. Flask framework will be used.
Week 1, Day 4 Forming Project Teams (team work would be critical for the success of the project), Identification of Training needs. Training for required Technical skills* – Module 1;

*We will train the team for top required skills within time limits. Rest the team will learn as the project proceeds

Week 1, Day 5 Training for required skills* – Module 2 Training for required skills* – Module 3
Week 2 : All 5 Days, Both morning & afternoon Project Execution : Development, Testing, Rollout

Entry Criteria: Complete Computer Programming with Scratch & Python Level 1 course by Cloverdale Robotics. OR One year of good background knowledge in any text-based programming language PLUS familiarity with Python. If you are NOT meeting these criteria fully, please consider joining the Python Beginners Camp the week beforehand.  PYTHON BEGINNER FOR HIGH SCHOOLERS. If you are brand new to coding, this camp is not suitable for you.


Online Sessions: Detailed Schedule

10.00 AM TO 10.45 AM SESSION 1

10.45 AM TO 11.00 AM BREAK

11.00 AM TO 11. 45 AM SESSION 2


1.00 PM TO 1.45 PM SESSION 3

1.45 PM TO 2.00 PM BREAK