Online – Sundays – L1 – Python for Intermeidate Students (Age 9 to 13) 2024

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Starting Jan 6th 2024 : Location : Online (Zoom Link will be send prior to class, Same zoom link for all classes).

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Level 1 – Computer Programming: (Age 9 to 13) : 

This is an introductory and comprehensive (Level 1) course on Computer Programming. This course is focused on Computer Programming which includes both theory and learning via projects. This starts off with programming concepts and proceed as a regular python course. Python is a very powerful, industry strength programming language that is an extremely valuable skill to have. The objective is to learn just one language deeply which will enable the students to learn any programming language by themselves in future (Java, C, C++ or even the ones not invented yet!). So we solely on the programming language of Python. As for curriculum, BC ADST curriculum is covered and goes beyond. BC ADST curriculum can be found here.

Key Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Python: This module introduces the text-based programming language of Python. The module covers Python IDEs, syntax, data structures, formatting & error handling. Modifying programs in python.
Module 2: Complex functions and programming technics. Review of ‘big ideas’ and computational thinking approach. Simple projects that practice these concepts and team projects. Students create algorithms, flowcharts & documentation and peer review these artifacts.
Module 3: Introduction to testing, debugging methodology. Do’s and Don’ts in testing and debugging. Students are introduced to the idea of working as a team to achieve larger coding projects, modularizing, defining roles and responsibilities, interfaces etc.
Module 4: Projects involving Python. Concepts like object-oriented programming in Python. Classes and Inheritance.
Module 5: Review of Python standard libraries. Projects involving the use of these.
Module 6: Advanced Concepts in Python: Artificial Intelligence routines in Python, Micro Python for Internet of Things (IoT) programming etc.


What is new in 2023-2024?

1. Payment/Cancellation/Refund policy:

  • MONTHLY : Total 6 payments.  ie; Initial registration as first month (Jan 2024) + 5 renewals, 1st of every month automatic renewals.
  • To cancel for any reason, there is a two-week notice required. (Ex: email us at info@cloverdalerobotics.ca by March 15,2024 to cancel by end of March 2024). 
  • All months have the same fee, irrespective of the number of classes.
  • All students receive a course completion certificate at the end of the course

2. We provide progress reports to parents for each term. Parents can also view pictures and videos of classes, videos of activity done by students in our closed Facebook group.

3. We maintain a student to teacher ratio of 8:1 for online classes. Teacher Biographies are in our team section.

4. All students receive a course completion certificate at the end of the course.

5. Students have the option of trying out both Level 1 and Level 2 initially and joining the level they are comfortable with. Join any one and mention you like to try to other level in the order notes.

6. Our contact details: Email : info@cloverdalerobotics.ca Phone: 604 404 4124.

For more specific questions and to know how to install required software on your child’s device, please check our FAQ section. 


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Python – Intermediate Students (Age 9 to 13) 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM

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