Riverdale Elementary- Tuesdays – (Age 6 to 9) Coding & Digital Arts-Oct 2024 to Jun 2025

$1.05 sign-up fee

Tuesdays Oct 2024 to Jun 2025. Classroom Location: Stage (Inside gym). School Dismissal to 4.00 pm/4:45pm (Riverdale School Students only) Students should bring own ANDROID tablet or laptop (save ~$20/month) or rent one. Rental tablets are additional $5/class.

Pricing Note:

$35/week for Coding and Digital Arts (both classes). Calculated monthly based on number of classes in each month.

$25/week for Coding Only. Calculated monthly based on number of classes in each month.

Eg: $25/week for Coding, $35/week coding & digital arts. Calculated monthly. $99/$140 per month, with no rental tablet. Tablets $20/month.

Pro-Rating: If you register in the middle of the month, your initial payment will be only for the remaining days of the that month. For instance, if there is only one class left in the month, the initial payment will be for that single class. The fee for the next month will be automatically deducted on the first day of the following month

MUST select one choice from all options below. Use “CLEAR” feature below to reset the options if required.


Scratch Coding (Gr 1 to Gr 4): From School Dismissal to 4 PM

Coding sessions: Prepare your kid to take advantage of the digital age – Not just a consumer of it! This coding sessions are a strictly play-based approach to introducing coding to young students using a variety of fun themes. 

Click Here For more Details:     Scratch Coding Level 0


L0 Digital Arts (Gr 1 to Gr 4): From 4 to 4:45 PM

L0 Digital Arts: The purpose of digital arts is to identify students with creative and imaginative abilities and lead them to a path of using digital tools to express their imagination.

Click Here For more Details:  Digital Arts Level 0


General Notes: 

  • Pre-Requisites for Level 0 classes: Kids should be able to take instruction and be able to read basic English words and sentences before attending the class. No other pre-requisites.
  • There will be non-screen (i.e.; no laptops/tabs etc. to rest their eyes) breaks in during the program and students play games like Jenga & Uno to manage long stay. Please pack some extra snacks if they are staying from school dismissal to 4:45 pm.
  • Parents can see lot of pictures and videos of student’s classes in our Facebook group (invitation only for parents) to see progression and so parents can ask better questions to their kids.

What is new in 2024?

1. Payment/Cancellation/Refund policy: Payment is done while registering for the first term and first day of each term automatically.

  • New Students can join in 2024.
  • Initial Registration + 1st day of upcoming month.
  • All students receive a course completion certificate at the end of the course
  • Monthly cost shown is assuming 4 classes a month. If there are less/more than 4 classes any month, monthly fee will be reduced based on number of classes conducted.
  • No fee adjustments if students didn’t attend classes, unless students inform in advance to skip whole month(due to international travel etc).

4. We provide progress reports to parents for each term. Parents can also view pictures and videos of classes, videos of activity done by students in our closed Facebook group.

5. We maintain a student to teacher ratio of 12:1 so all kids can get attention. Teacher Biographies are in our team section.

6. Twenty (20) spots available. First come first served. Registration is open. Reserve your spots early.

7. All students receive a course completion certificate at the end of the course.

Please select a Courses & Pickup Times

Coding – School Dismissal to 4pm, Coding & DA – School Dismissal to 4:45 pm

Rental Tablet?

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