Summer Camp : Robotics for Middle Schoolers ( Age 9 to 13) : Online


Are your children brand new to Robotics or Programming? No Problem, children can still have tons of fun in the Summer, programming robots to do cool things. Let’s trigger their interest in the exciting world of Robots and Programming.

In our summer camp, your kids can learn coding and the fundamentals of robotics in this cool camp for absolute beginners. Kids can do cool things like programming the emotions and behaviors of a Robot, program robots to race against each other in maze-like structures, making robots dance to music, etc.,  all the while learning about different aspects of robotics passively. ie; sensors, motors, programming, etc.

Our Online Classes are very different from usual online classes. Students access real-life robots online and program them then see those robots via cameras following their programmed movements and behaviors. It is as close as you can get to In-Person Classes.



Additional information

MS Robotics Weeks

July 1st week : July 5th to July 9th, July 2nd week : July 12th to July 16th, July 3rd & 4th weeks : July 19th to July 30rd (Two Weeks), July 3rd week : July 19th to July 23rd, July 4th week : July 26th to July 30th

Daily Duration Options : Online Classes

Afternoon Only (1 pm to 3 pm): $150/Wk, Full Day (10 am to 3 pm): $250/Wk, Morning Only (10 am to 12 pm): $150/Wk