Spring Camps – Cloverdale Robotics Centre – L0 Afternoon – Tech


Welcome to Cloverdale Robotics Day Camps for Elementary Students (L0 – Age 6 to 9).

Have fun catching up with the Robots and Coding! The morning sessions are for Robotics only and afternoons are for trying out latest from various tech, like coding /Digital Arts/Minecraft Game design/Virtual Reality/Electronics (No Robotics).

In the morning session, (4 hrs) students have fun catching up with the latest in the Tech world!  Initially they get introduced to drag and drop coding (scratch..). then they some digital arts or minecraft game design.

Each day has different activities. So can join multiple days without repetition of activities.

Afternoon Sessions: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

For full day camps, select morning and afternoon sessions. Drop off at 8:30 am and pickup at 5.00 pm if selecting both morning and afternoon sessions.  Students need to bring own lunch.


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