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Our club is intended to promote experimentation, give students their own creative free time, try out their ideas without any of the pressures of classes or a curriculum! Let them watch what others are experimenting with, let it trigger an idea, and they can start their own project. All the robots used in CRL classes (CR Robots, Lego EV3, Dashs, Spheros, Educational Drones) plus many other Robot building kits will be available in the clubs for member students.  All different age groups in the same room, all the way from primary school to High school students. Students also get access to a lot of sample projects, documentation, and computers with the internet and access to many projects suitable for their interests and age group. The lab supervisor can help students and guide them to select projects to execute if they are new. Further, students are encouraged to come prepared with the projects they want to do and execute them during club hours or simply let them experiment hands-on with the robots they can access in our online classes.

Due to the pandemic, we have restricted the max number of students to 12 at a time to follow COVID protocols strictly. ie; only four students on each mat with a single person on each side. We will be following all COVID protocols. So for now, we break this into a two and a half-hour session from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Two and half hours of solid experimentation time with robots!

The ‘club’ is not a ‘class’. Ie; Students can do their own projects or just watch and learn from projects done by different age groups, all the way from primary school to High school. There is no teaching or curriculum followed, but adult supervision would be provided.

Students can register at any month and join from the first Sunday of next month onwards starting this October 2021. Location : 17720 57 Ave #215, Surrey, BC V3S 1H2



Age Groups & Mats (Floor designs & Paths for Robots):

  • Primary School : Age 6 to 8
  • Middle School: 9 to 13
  • High School : 14 to 17

Membership like all our courses is monthly with no long-term contracts.  Cost: $200/month for external students. Discounted rates for CRL students depending on the courses they take. There is an additional refundable deposit worth $500 that is needed before the first class. This is required since students get access to a lot of expensive hardware and must be careful around them.

Sunday Robotics Club has been moved to this October 2021.

Additional information

Club Time Options

Sunday 2 pm to 4:30 pm, Sunday 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm