TEACHER TRAINING : Elementary & Middle School Robotics


Robotics is poised to be among one of the most prevalent and important disciplines in the near future. As the world becomes more tech-focused, employees in any discipline will be expected to have some level of STEM education so early adoption of STEM can be a huge advantage children as they grow up. As expected, STEM-Based Teaching/ Education has become a high-demand skill in the industry and Trained Robotics Instructors are unavailable/ low in supply.  Therefore if you are an experienced, new or aspiring teacher and looking to broaden your teaching experiences to include Robotics education or just want to add this to your skillset, take advantage of this course before we are at class capacity.  This class is ideal of professionals studying or with a Bachelors of Education, Education Assistant, or ECE holders looking for opportunities within the Technology Education domain.

In our 25-hour, two-week, part-time, and evening course for teachers, participants will learn how to teach Robotics and Programming Fundamentals to Elementary and Middle School Students. After completing all learning outcomes of the course, participants will receive a certificate in Robotics Education for Elementary and Middle School Students. This class will have a maximum of 12 participants per class and taught by trained computer science students and current Robotics instructors.


 Day1 – Day 2 Block Programming for Elementary Students Learning Objective: Familiarization with basic programming concepts using block-based programming.

Introduction to Programming Scratch/Blockly programming for those without prior coding experience. The most basic constructs required will be covered.

Day 3 –  Day 5 Robotics Learning Objective: Conceptual introduction to Robotics. Theory & Practice. Introduction of Elementary-Level Robots. Hands on lessons in Robotics Programming for Elementary Students.
Day 6 – Day 10 Building Robots Learning Objective: Additional sensors, more complex configurations of Robots including mechanical parts.

Introduction of Middle Schools Level Robots. Hands on lessons in Building Robots and Programming. Reviewing exercises and fun projects for students in the Middle School level.

Educational Robots Used : Dash & Dot, Lego EV3, EVIVE.

Classes are from 5.30 pm to 8.00 PM PST in Cloverdale, Surrey BC. Total: 30 hours of training. Only two batches are available starting July 19th and Aug 2nd 2021.

Pre-Requisite: No coding or other technology experience required. We will provide all required hardware and software and computers for the training.


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Teacher Training Dates

Aug 02 to 13 : 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm, July 19-30 : 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm