Weekly Summer Camp – Age 9-13 Robot Build


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Electronics & Robotics for middle schoolers! If you have a child who might be interested in robotics, this is the perfect course for them.

Towards the first half, campers are introduced to basic electronic components that make up a robot, including motors and sensors, and assemble them to create fun electronic projects. They will get hands on experience with sensors for touch, colour, ultrasonic, infrared and more! They will also work with motors like servos and DC motors.

Towards the second half, campers go on to build a robot car from the basic components they got introduced in the first half plus a micro:bit. We provide the kit and micro:bit (the processor required).  The plug-and-play allow children to quickly learn graphic programming in entertaining, nurturing children’s interest in science and logical thinking.

The final robot they make integrates ultrasonic and infrared obstacle avoidance and is configured to do functions like Line Tracking, Ultrasonic Following, Obstacle Avoidance and Follow, Infrared Control and Bluetooth Control.

Students can take home the robot can continue their learning with either block-based programming or text-based languages. Ie; The same robot can do JavaScript graphical programming, Python and other micro:bit programming methods to enable continued learning!

This is an advanced Camp and NOT for beginners! Reasonable text based coding (Python,C,C++) etc. is expected. Electronics knowledge is not required. OR should have completed Our other Level 1 courses.

For making this a full day camp, please add the other half day camp also (which may not be related to this topic). In this case, children can be dropped off in the morning at 10 am and picked up at 4 pm. Please send the students lunch with them(lunch is NOT provided as part of the camp).

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July 18 – 22, 2pm-4pm, August 1 – 5, 10am-1pm, August 8 – 12, 2pm-4pm, August 15 – 19, 2pm-4pm, August 22 – 26, 2pm-4pm

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