Weekly Summer Camp – Age 14-17- L2 Robot Build


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Are  you a high schooler confident in Python language and want to take your skills to next level? Or you are good in python and want a solid robotics project for your college application resume? Join us to create Your own self-driving robot car using Raspberry Pi in a week! You buy and bring your own kit we recommend (~$260) and we will assemble and program it in the camp. You take home the final robot. You can continue the learning and extensions using it if you choose to. The robot will include tilt camera, many sensors etc. as hardware. Comes with software modules for line tracking, intelligent obstacle-avoidance, object-following, facial, hand gesture, QR code, color recognition features and modules. You get familiar with code for these modules, configure, reprogram these with the help of our instructors.

The self driving car(robot) is based on Raspberry Pi and you can keep on adding features and refine it as your learning on the topic improves for a long time even after the camp! The robot also comes built in with many simple AI functions like color detection, text to speech etc.

Do not know python? You can still do it in a drag and drop programming language- however, we might have to switch to python for many advanced features, troubleshooting etc.

This is our Level 2 camp for high school students. At least one year text based programming background, preferably in python language is mandatory for this camp!

 For making this a full day camp, please add the other half day camp also (which may not be related to this topic). In this case, kids can be dropped off in the morning at 10 am and picked up at 4 pm. Please send the lunch with students (lunch is NOT provided as part of the camp).

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July 18 – 22, 10am-1pm, August 8 – 12, 10am-1pm

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