William Watson Elementary School -Fridays – Level 0 Robotics & Coding


Time: School Dismissal to (4:00pm or 5:00pm)

Start Date: Jan 13th , 2023

Introduce students of ages 6 to 9 to the vast world of robotics, digital arts and coding! We will trigger their excitement and curiosity for Tech by immersing them to a stories that involve a robots, digital arts and coding. The purpose is to identify kids with engineering mindset or artistic mindset in their early years itself. Then trigger their curiosity to pursue such interests using digital tools.

In the first part (2:30 pm to 4:00 pm), there is new story in each class. Students program/build/play with robot based on the given story for around one hour. Like, A monster has trapped a robot and kids have to help robot escape by programming the robot. After the hour of Robotics, students take a non-screen break for 15 minutes and play Jenga, uno etc. Then proceed with coding and digital arts (4 pm to 5 pm). We use Scratch, which was developed by MIT Media Lab, which allows even young children to build and code their own animated adventures. With visual coding, students can learn to bring creations to life, and then power them onward with imaginative storytelling. We also use some game design and digital art sessions once students have basic idea on coding. In digital arts sessions, students will perform tasks such as creating an animation to bloom the flower, and work on creative projects such as digital greeting cards, wall art for decorating their rooms, music, flyers and posters, and more!

Each day will consist of new stories and environments to take part in with the different robots to engage the students, such as becoming a Robot Hero to save puppies in danger, and taking part in a robot dance-off! In the robot build sessions, students will be given a snap-on robot kit and tablet to create their robot of the day, such as Robot Car, Engineering Vehicle, Robot Puppy, etc. Once completed, the students will be able to control their robot to take part in fun activities such as playing robot soccer, red light green light, freeze tag, and more!

What is new in 2022-2023? We have added many more new types of robots – so that kids get a new type of robot every month!!! Let’s make it exciting for the kids! We have also combined our 2021-2022 robot programming and robot build courses to just one robotics course – so that kids will get to program and build robots. Plus the coding porting teaching showing them creating fun programs, games, creating digital artworks to trigger their artistic talents!

This course is a fully fun-oriented, with no previous programming or electronic experience required. Please see the pictures and videos in our gallery to get an insight on the classes. This is unlike anything available for students today in Canada! Most importantly, with this course, we take the fear out of them for Tech and highly rewarding tech careers of the future.

All our programs are affordable and paid monthly with no long term contracts. Try it out! Your kids will like it. Limited seats as lot of hardware is involved – first come first served!

Note 1: Class days: Jan 13,20,27, Feb 3,10,17, March 3,10,31, April 14,21,28th.

Note 2: Enrolled students will also get a two free half day spring day camps at our center to make up missed days during school closure. ie; One half day (4 hours) robotics camp and half day(4 hours) digital arts camp at our center (17720 57 Ave surrey BC, V3S 9C1). However no refunds/replacements or other arrangements can be made if students can not attend this camp. The details to enroll the free camp will be emailed to enrolled students later on. 

Note 3: This is an ongoing play based class. So it is okay to join after the January start date also.

Please select courses & Pickup Time

Robotics only – Till 4 pm, Robotics & Coding – Till 5 pm