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Our Robotics platform for real industry in in works. Stay tuned!


Imagine you are at park with your kids. Your kids are done playing and want their favorite mac and cheese, or pasta or idly sambar or whatever it be and you make at home. You use this app and ask the kitchen to prepare it. When you reach home, the kitchen has prepared it ready to eat! That is it. No cutting, no washing, no cooking, no cleaning. Nothing! The kitchen 2.0 will do it!


Imagine countless hours people spend in kitchen eventhough most do not want to. It will be a great liberator of women from household chores in most parts of the world. But if you like cooking and like to do it, don’t worry, the secret is that you are the one who experiment and finalise the recipes and upload it. Everybody around the world can use your recipe exactly as you designed it. Like a song or dance goes viral now, a cooking recipe can go viral and people all around the globe can enjoy your recipe and appreciate it. And like any tech or gadget, like a fridge or dishwasher, even though it may be pricey initially, as it is scale up and mass produced, the prices will fall and be a natural part of any household. Today’s kitchen will be the museum for next generation to see!


We believe the way to do this is not by automating pieces of kitchen. Ie; Not one piece at a time, the way it is happening now in the industry. But to reimagine the entire kitchen as a single unit. Including the fridge, the grocery stocking shelves, the cutting units, cooking range, dishwasher all in one seamless unit.


What more, the technology for all these is already existing. It is just putting the pieces together, getting the investment, which of course is not small. But it can be done. At Cloverdale Robotics, this is definitely something we want to research and bring to life.