Give your kids an early start in to the world of technology! We use an age appropriate, world class curriculum and industry leading robots for them to comfortably enter the world of robotics and technology. 

Students get hands on play and build with Dash and Dot, eVive etc, while getting to know Robotics and Programming. Our “Level 0” programmers will have a blast learning computer science fundamentals with these fun and engaging game projects. They create amazing games, animated images and songs in the Scratch Programming language, one of the friendliest programming languages ever created. Kids learn the skill of solving interesting problems and making cool things with the help of a computer. Kids learn to program with eVive and Dash and Dot toy robots that make coding fun using apps on a tab. They also do activities like transforming robots to an alarm, play tag with etc. 

Robots used,

1) Dash & Dot: A Silicon Valley educational robotics firm with robots sold in 43 countries.
2) eVive from Stempedia: Evive is a leading platform for robotics education with presence in 40 countries. 

Age Group: 5 to 8 years. Our standard teacher to student ratio is 1:8 and our max size
of class is 16. So we have either 1 or 2 instructors per class at the same time
depending on the class size. Kids are categorized  to four groups (4 * 4)  based on their age initially. So initially
kids of same age come together to do projects recommended for their age. However
kids come with different natural talents and progress differently. So as the course
and students progress over the months, we move them around to different groups
within the same class.

Prerequisites: None. We provide everything required for the class including the robots and computers.

See some of the videos below to get an idea for what can happen in the class!