Take your security system to the next level to verify the false positive alerts from your camera -by sending in a drone. Not people!

Let us enhance your security system with drones!

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Detect threats much quicker while reducing expenses.

Ensure you have the additional video footage from the drone directly pointing and zooming at the suspect.

Open Architecture

We use an open architecture which allow the use of existing off the market drones helping to adapt to new drones and technology as they come to market.

Confined Spaces? No Problem

Our system can work from very confined indoor spaces to vast private outdoor space. We do not fly our drones in public airspaces.

Integrate , Re-use

Our solutions for the industrial and corporate sector include custom development of drone systems for routine inspections and alert-based inspections. We integrate this to your existing security systems and processes.

We make your business case positive

 Our differentiation is the assembly and programming of plug and play on market robotic components for a repeatable, specific need – as opposed to a customizing an already costly system to suite your needs – killing your business case to begin with.

We save time and effort on inspections and increases the frequency of inspections. We produce industry specific, often government mandated reports if needed for complete process overhaul.

Invent with us!

We bring in innovation in each project. We develop customized solutions for your enterprises to create routine and automated inspections. But that is just the begining. We make it a point to innovate in each project to find best possible solution for you.