Teacher Training

Robotics is poised to be among some of the most prevalent and important disciplines in the near future. As the world becomes more tech-focused, employees in any discipline will be expected to have some level of STEM-education. So early-adoption of STEM sets children up for success. As expected, STEM Education Teachers is becoming high in demand in the industry and Trained Robotics Teachers is practically non-available.  So if you are teacher in other disciplines and looking to move to Robotics education or just add it to your skillset, grab this opportunity before it goes.  Ideal of Bachelor of Education, Education Assistant or ECE holders looking for opportunities in the Technology Education domain.  

In our 25 hours, two-week part-time, evening course for teachers, participants will learn how to teach Robotics and Programming Fundamentals to Elementary and Middle School Students. After completing all learning outcomes of the course, participants will receive a certificate in Robotics Education for Elementary and Middle School Students. Max 12 participants per class and taught by trained computer science students and current Robotics instructors.