Rajesh Jayaprakash has a master’s degree in Computers and has been working in the North American high-tech industry for 20+ years. He had been working for a telecommunications major for past 12 years as a senior software architect. In Surrey, Rajesh has also been a volunteer math tutor for kids with Learning disabilities via LDAFS. Rajesh ran for Mayor of Surrey with PEOPLE FIRST SURREY team in 2018 Surrey municipal elections. Rajesh also support all things fighting climate change.


Sarath Vijayan has a Master degree in Electronics from Singapore. Sarath has 10+ years of experience in designing robotics electronics for aerospace applications. He played pivotal role in designing electronics and robotic modules for TeLEOS satellites and it is his passion to pass on the knowledge to younger generation. He has experience in teaching robotics labs assignments to undergraduate students.

On his spare time, Sarath works on various IoT projects like smart switches etc.


Sunny Prabhakar is a graduate in Electrical Engineering and has several other Canadian qualifications, including BC Provincial Instructor’s Diploma. He has been working as an instructor at college level for past eight years for Sprott Shaw College, Vancouver Career College etc. He handles subjects like E-commerce, Computer Applications etc.

Before his career in Canada, Sunny was an international business manager, as head of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service departments for an electronic manufacturing service giant in Indonesia.


Lakshmi Manackadath is a meritorious student and alumnus of Burnsview secondary. Currently she is working full time at an electronics manufacturing firm supporting PCB manufacturing, burn in processes, assembling security cameras etc. She has extensive work experience as a teaching assistant in leading institutions like Kumon.