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Enhanced Security : With AES 128 GCM Encryption

Vconsol is encrypted with AES-128 GCM, supports the largest bit size and is practically unbreakable by brute force based on current computing power, making it the strongest encryption standard.

Independent System : No External Hardware Dependency

No external hardware dependency. The server components can install on Ubuntu servers and the client can join from any video conferencing capable devices

Client Side Adaptability : Auto Adjusting Video Quality Based On Client Bandwidth

Vconsol supports video conferencing up to 1080p full HD while it can auto adjust the video quality at client side based on client’s bandwidth conditions.

Vconsol for Education

Powerful virtual classrooms with built-in security features to safe guard he privacy of students

Seamless integration with Moodle and other platforms using powerful APIs

Scheduling and Invite notifications of the classrooms to your own calendar and personal devices

Record classrooms and distribute among your students to enable them to learn at their own pace.

Screen sharing from participating PCs or external devices through Wireless, Airplay or HDMI connection


Vconsol Business

Privacy, security & enterprise grade safety are some of the awesome features offered by Vconsol Business. 

Powerful tools are integrated into the software to make conference smooth and collaborative.

Our patented pending technology ensures smooth, reliable & secure video conferencing even at low bandwidths.

Powerful scheduling tools integrated with your own calendar

Screen sharing from participating PCs or external devices through Wireless, Airplay or HDMI connection

Vconsol Family: Coming Soon!

Video call your family members privately & securely : Select your family members and start video calling them instantly. Up to 10 members can connect via a military grade encrypted connection with added layers of PIN security.

Family Room with Built-in Security : Powerful virtual family room with built-in security features to safe guard the privacy of the members

Message & Manage Notifications : Send messages and share documents & photographs instantly through an encrypted network


Cloverdale Robotics is bringing multiple award winning Vconsol video conferencing software from TECHGENTSIA software technologies to North America!

We are creating a local installation in Canada so as to enable Canadian businesses to fully comply with Canadian Privacy Regulations. They now have the option of storing Canadian’s data within within Canadian borders!

Email: info@cloverdalerobotics.ca
Ph: 604 404 4124