Learn Robotics while having lots of fun racing LEGO EV3 robots! This course is designed to introduce kids to robotics and coding in a fun and exciting way. Each day students are introduced a racetrack and asked to code (No previous coding knowledge required). Then they are taught to program for it via the graphical user interfaces. They do this by trial and error and learn by doing. Instructors help fix the code for each student. Students gets to test and fix their visual code in virtual robots and in real robots visible via the camera in our online lab. We do several rounds of races each day!

The one-week camp introduces them to the basics of EV3 robots to navigate basic racetracks. 

The two-week course continues to more complex racetracks and where the kids get to use advanced programming methodologies to control the robot around the track.

Like all our programs, Online or regular in school programs, teacher to student ratio of 1:8 is maintained for individual attention to students. For class of 16, two instructors will be present.